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Implementing a zero-waste strategy will always be an essential contribution to sustainability.


We acknowledge that the fashion industry has a major impact on our planet. For instance, currently, there are millions of pieces of synthetic materials building up in our oceans. Therefore, it’s important that fashion businesses are accountable for making a difference and putting sustainability first. 


At Khan Jackson we ensure our materials are produced using only sustainable methods. Fundamentally, all our leather is a by-product of the meat that feeds the local community. We work with local craftsmen, designers and seamstresses to make excellent products and pay them a fair wage. Any pieces of leather that are not used will be made into other garments and accessories, so nothing is wasted. We deliver all our products in eco-friendly packaging to encourage recycling. 

Every single product is made by hand and quality controlled thoroughly before its shipped out. The aim is to minimise returns by focusing on production and using high quality materials.


We believe that once our customer receives their product, our services must continue to echo our values. Therefore, we offer in-house repairs, so in an unfortunate event where the garment needs extra attention, it can be sent back to us instead of being thrown away.

We form cooperatives with other exporters, to share shipping space. This way we maximise the available space and reduce the overall carbon footprint.


As a business we believe that zero-waste should be incorporated within every stage.

By manufacturing on-demand, we are able to control our inventory and reduce fashion waste.